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La Città Morta

The Abandoned Town of Craco

This latest collection takes us back to Southern Italy, to a remote village in the hinterlands of Basilicata, called Craco. Lying roughly equidistant from Matera and Taranto in a beautiful part of Italy, this mediaeval town has existed since the 8th century. The tall rocky hilltop upon which it stands is the highest point for miles around, a feature that was probably exploited for defensive reasons. From about 1950 the area suffered extensive damage from a series of earthquakes, which sent recurring tremors through the area over a period of around twenty years. In 1963, a decision was made to evacuate the town of its 1,800 residents, as buildings were deemed structurally unfit for purpose. The town has been uninhabited ever since, and barring the occasional clanging of goat bells, remains eerily devoid of life. Abandoned but not forgotten, Craco remains an imposing feature of the landscape, and a fascinating subject to photograph.

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