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Tiny Telephone

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John Vanderslice is a talented musician, a songwriter, a producer, and a very affable chap to boot. He is also the owner of a unique recording studio in San Francisco, called Tiny Telephone. Opened in 1997, the studio prides itself on its all-analogue approach to recording music, and its stridently democratic attitude to providing access for local musicians of all genres and experience levels. Death Cab for Cutie, Explosions in the Sky, Spoon and Rogue Wave are just a few clients to have recorded hugely successful albums within the confines of the building. In addition to this service, it is possible to visit the studio for your own interest and be treated to a guided tour. Collected here are photographs from one such tour last autumn, which was both an incredibly insightful experience and a grand day out. Gratitude must be extended to Matthew for providing the tour, and to John for giving us the opportunity to see this haven of music creation. Highly recommended!   /

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