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To The Five Boroughs

New York Scenes

From Central Park to the Statue of Liberty, from the 'Met' to Katz's Deli, the myriad of urban landscapes within New York provides limitless inspiration for the photographer. With such a variety of sights the best way, perhaps, to capture the atmosphere of the city in photographs is to disregard the map and wander. Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the pioneers of such reportage street photography, occasionally used to print photographs with the film border and sprocket holes still showing, as a way to show the image had not been reframed. Perhaps it was his own way of ensuring that the best image was captured in the original moment. Collected here are images from street level New York, scanned with Cartier-Bresson's technique in mind. For reference, they were taken on Ilford Delta 400 monochrome film with a Leica 3f.

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