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Sun of a Beach!

See Some Seascapes on the Sea Shore

People are drawn to beaches for all manner of reasons. For some, it is a retreat: escaping from the rigours of daily life to stare out to the infinite ocean, lulled into daydream by the lapping waves. For others, it is a day out with the family, or a playground, or a place to sunbathe. Physically, the coastline represents the end, the extent of the land, the line separating green and blue; but history has proven otherwise, as men have sought to treat the ocean as a frontier to new worlds. For the photographer (that ought to stick to taking pictures rather than writing) it provides a wealth of contrasting colours, reflections, and the most beautiful sunsets. Collected here are some images of beaches and coastlines around the world, from the lava beaches of Iceland, to the surfer's haven of Ocean Beach, to the wild shores of New Zealand and beyond.

click on the first photo to begin a slideshow and press F11 (pc) or ⌘⇧F (mac) to go fullscreen...